• Mzo is an in-demand DJ & MC, having hosted and played at some very prestigious events.
  • Some of the high profile events he has hosted include:
  • Gagasi FM’s Nightlife Sessions
  • Ugu Jazz Festival
  • Durban Jazz Festival
  • Fact Durban Rocks New Years Eve and Vodacom Durban July Events
  • Future Leaders Awards 2014
  • Miss UKZN
  • Amcor Dam Music Festival
  • Various Beach festivals





Matric Farewell


On the 3rd of October 2014, I Love Mornings headed by Mzokoloko took on the tremendous challenge of hosting his former high school Ingobamakhosi High School their first matric farewell in 17 years  in Gingindlovu north of KZN. About a month and a half before, Njabs mentioned in passing that she still had her matric farewell dress that she’d love to give away to a deserving young lady. In the same thought, Mzokoloko remember how  bitter sweet his own farwell was stemming from how poor his community is. (Most families in the Gingindlovu earn their income by harvesting sugar cane which once a year). As a collective Mzokoloko and Njabs then decided to merge their ideas and adopt Ingobamakhosi High School and organise a matric farewell for the class of 2014.


The call came for the I Love Mornings family to chip in where they could to make sure the day was a success. Dozens of calls, emails, texts and pledges from listeners came through; people offering to give us their own matric farewell dresses, suits, shoes, makeup artists pledging their services for girls, car companies offering their cars to transport people to the was INCREDIBLE!


And so came the big day of glitz and glam, 3 October 2014! All 55 learners looked stunning and were dressed to the nines! Hair was done, lipstick was applied and those sharp point shoes were the order of the day!


We hope this will be an annual event for different schools around KZN and with it we hope to encourage everyone from Grade 8 to 11 to work hard to get to matric so they can better their chances of a life unchained from poverty.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our 2014 matric farewell a’s to many more!

"Thank you to everyone that contributed to making our 2014 matric farewell a success...

Here's to many more"

- Mzokhona "Mzokoloko" Gumede